Richard Jones : accordion | guitar

Richard is a renegade from rock music. He was bass player and founder member of the Climax Blues Band. After graduating from University, he joined the ground breaking multi-media group Principal Edward's Magic Theatre. Richard later rejoined Climax Blues Band on keyboards, and toured extensively, mainly in the USA. The band enjoyed worldwide success with the single Couldn't Get It Right. He is not sure how he ended up playing the accordion.

Anna Tabbush : voice | fiddle | flute

Anna Tabbush was singing, dancing and playing folk before she could walk or talk. With her roots in Northumbria and The Borders, she plays tunes on fiddle and flute and sings a huge repertoire of songs collected from throughout Scotland, the North East of England and down South where she has lived since her early teens. Anna also sings and plays with the European Youth Folk Orchestra (eleven musicians from nine European countries), The Tabbush Sisters (Anna and her sisters, Freya and Nonny, sing a cappella folk songs in lush three part harmony) and Pesky (an acoustic south coast trio).

Chris Walshaw : pipes | flute | whistles

Chris, who plays English & French pipes, wooden concert flute and whistles, has been involved in folk music since the tender age of six. Perhaps best known for his work in The Duellists with Nigel Eaton and Cliff Stapleton, he is currently a member of ceilidh band Stocai and Zephyrus, the English Bagpipe Orchestra. Chris also performs with The Chase, in their show of new music and dance drawn from European traditions, and with Stepback, the percussive & display dance extravaganza.