Jonah Jones (sleeve design): 'The release of the band's second album, entitled Second, plays on the theme of time. The meridian line was doubled (as it is their second outing) and used as a theme for the sleeve design. Again the design was kept minimalist, but the colour scheme and logo evolved to leave a result which is familiar yet distinct from the first album.'

Second, Meridian's second CD, was released in April 2005. With 11 tracks including 3 songs, Second offers 47 minutes of rivetting music.

' exhilarating ... hauntingly beautiful musicianship 'Living Tradition

' every track is a gem ... a must-have album 'Taplas

' a rich and varied palette ... really soars'Chanter, the Bagpipe Society Newsletter

The tracks on Second are: Summertime Flues | Putney MarchPhilomel (Lullaby)Cooks of the DayK.L. HornpipeThe Handweaver and the Factory MaidTasso BarbassoRendez-Vous | ChicaneOne O'Clock BallNext Market DayFilthy Rich | Liberty LaneSte and Karen's Wedding Waltz

One O'Clock Ball can also be heard on the free CD distributed with the June/July 2006 issue of Taplas.

Prime, Meridian's debut CD, was released in August 2003 to high critical acclaim. Comprising 12 tracks - both songs and tunes - in glorious technicolour harmony, Prime is:

' [an] audacious debut ... one delightful surprise after another 'Sing Out!

' fabulous soaring moments ... gorgeous instrumental interplay ... oozes quality 'Taplas

' remarkable maturity ... technical virtuosity ... [an] excellent debut 'Living Tradition

The tracks on Prime are: Portesham Breakfast — Beamer — Joss BayFair Nottamun Town — Crossing the Line — Allodion | The Mad Jig — B-Line — At the Break of the Day | The Glimmering — Unsquare Schottishe | 3/2 Hornpipe — Hike Up The Dyke — The Thin Green Line — Road to Poynton | Road to Paignton

Where to buy your copy

You can buy a copy of either CD from the Online CD Shop for just £7.99 each.