Dynamic multi-partitioning for parallel finite element applications

A. Basermann, J. Fingberg, G. Lonsdale, B. Maerten and C. Walshaw


The central product of the DRAMA (Dynamic Re-Allocation of Meshes for parallel Finite Element Applications) project is a library comprising a variety of tools for dynamic re-partitioning of unstructured Finite Element (FE) applications. The input to the DRAMA library is the computational mesh, and corresponding costs, partitioned into sub-domains. The core library functions then perform a parallel computation of a mesh re-allocation that will re-balance the costs based on the DRAMA cost model. We discuss the basic features of this cost model, which allows a general approach to load identification, modelling and imbalance minimisation. Results from crash simulations are presented which show the necessity for multi-phase/multi-constraint partitioning components.

Keywords: Dynamic load balancing; Cost model; Multi-phase/multi-constraint partitioning; Crash simulation

Fri Aug 13 13:41:45 BST 2004