The Challenge of Validation for Autonomic and Self-Managing Systems

T. Eze, R. Anthony, C. Walshaw & A. Soper


The research community has achieved great success in building autonomic systems (AS) in line with the vision of autonomic computing (AC) released by IBM in 2001. The success is gaining ground in addressing the perceived concerns of complexity and total cost of ownership of information technology (IT) systems. But we are now faced with a challenge springing from this very success. This challenge is trustworthiness and there are limited research results published in this direction. This, if not addressed will definitely undermine the success of AC. How do we validate a system to show that it is capable of achieving a desired result under expected range of contexts and environmental conditions and beyond? This paper identifies the challenges and significance of AS validation and proposes a roadmap towards achieving trustworthiness in autonomic systems.

Keywords: trustworthiness; autonomicity; validation; certification

Tue Nov 13 10:50:36 GMT 2012