Load-balancing for mesh-based applications on heterogeneous cluster computers

J. Fingberg, K. Nakajima, C. Walshaw


This paper discusses load-balancing issues when using heterogeneous cluster computers. There is a growing trend towards the use of commodity microprocessor clusters. Although today's microprocessors have reached a theoretical peak performance in the range of one GFLOPS=s, heterogeneous clusters of commodity processors are amongst the most challenging parallel systems to programme efficiently. We will outline an approach for optimising the performance of parallel mesh-based applications for heterogeneous cluster computers and present case studies with the GeoFEM code. The focus is on application cost monitoring and load balancing using the DRAMA library.

Keywords: Load-balancing; Finite element; Heterogeneous PC cluster; DRAMA; Jostle

Fri Aug 13 13:41:48 BST 2004