DRAMA: Dynamic Re-Allocation of Meshes for parallel Finite Element Applications

G. Lonsdale, A. Basermann, J. Fingberg, T. Coupez, H. Digonnet, J. Clinckemaillie, G. Thierry, P. Dannaux, B. Maerten, D. Roose, R. Ducloux, C. Walshaw


In many areas of simulation, a crucial component for efficient numerical computations is the use of solution-driven adaptive features: locally adapted meshing or re-meshing; dynamically changing computational tasks. The full advantages of high performance computing (HPC) technology will thus only be able to be exploited when efficient parallel adaptive solvers can be realised. The resulting requirement for HPC software is for dynamic load balancing, which for many mesh-based applications means dynamic mesh re-partitioning. The DRAMA project has been initiated to address this issue, with a particular focus being the requirements of industrial Finite Element codes, but codes using Finite Volume formulations will also be able to make use of the project results.

Fri Aug 13 13:41:54 BST 2004