Parallel Performance in Multi-Physics Simulation

Kevin McManus, Mark Cross, Chris Walshaw, Nick Croft and Alison Williams


A comprehensive simulation of solidification/melting pro-cesses requires the simultaneous representation of free surface fluid flow, heat transfer, phase change, non-linear solid mechanics and, possibly, electromagnetics together with their interactions in what is now referred to as multi-physics simulation. A 3D computational procedure and soft-ware tool, PHYSICA, embedding the above multi-physics models using finite volume methods on unstructured meshes (FV-UM) has been de-veloped. Multi-physics simulations are extremely compute intensive and a strategy to parallelise such codes has, therefore, been developed. This strategy has been applied to PHYSICA and evaluated on a range of challenging multi-physics problems drawn from actual industrial cases.

Fri Aug 13 13:42:30 BST 2004