Evaluation of the JOSTLE mesh partitioning code for practical multiphysics applications

K. McManus, C. Walshaw, M. Cross, P. Leggett and S. Johnson


The use of unstructured mesh codes on parallel machines is one of the most effective ways to solve large computational mechanics problems. Completely general geometries and complex behaviour can be modelled and, in principle, the inherent sparsity of many such problems can be exploited to obtain excellent parallel efficiencies. However, unlike their structured counterparts, the problem of distributing the mesh across the memory of the machine, whilst minimising the amount of interprocessor communication, must be carefully addressed. This process is an overhead that is not incurred by a serial code, but is shown to be rapidly computable at run time and tailored for the machine being used.

Fri Aug 13 13:41:29 BST 2004