Virtual Manufacturing and Design in the Real World - Implementation and Scalability on HPPC Systems

K. McManus, M. Cross, C. Walshaw, S. Johnson, C. Bailey, K. Pericleous, A. Slone and P. Chow


Virtual manufacturing and design assessment increasingly involve the simulation of interacting phenomena, sic. multi-physics, an activity which is very computationally intensive. This paper describes one attempt to address the parallel issues associated with a multi-physics simulation approach based upon a range of compatible procedures operating on one mesh using a single database the distinct physics solvers can operate separately or coupled on sub-domains of the whole geometric space. Moreover, the finite volume-unstructured mesh solvers use different discretisation schemes (and, particularly, different 'nodal' locations and control volumes). A two-level approach to the parallelisation of this simulation software is described: the code is restructured into parallel form on the basis of the mesh partitioning alone, i.e. without regard to the physics. However, at run time, the mesh is partitioned to achieve a load balance, by considering the load per node/element across the whole domain. The latter of course is determined by the problem specific physics at a particular location.

Fri Aug 13 13:42:33 BST 2004