Unstructured Mesh Computational Mechanics on DM Parallel Platforms

K. McManus, C. Walshaw, M. Cross, and S. Johnson


Parallel machines offer the computational power necessary to solve increasingly demanding industrial computational mechanics problems. Many structured grid codes have been successfully parallelised but there is a move towards unstructured mesh codes which can provide greater modelling flexibility. Domain decomposition methods may be used to map unstructured mesh codes onto Distributed Memory (DM) Multi Instruction Multi Data (MIMD) hardware using a Single Program Multi Data (SPMD) paradigm. The success of this method depends upon achieving a good load balance. Obtaining a well balanced partition of an unstructured mesh is non-trivial, but may be quickly computed using a number of methods. We present results which demonstrate the effectiveness of this strategy for homogeneous models. However inhomogeneous models such as casting, aeroelasticity and contact analysis present difficult load balancing problems which require more sophisticated balancing techniques.

Fri Aug 13 13:42:41 BST 2004