Automatic Implementation of Dynamic Load Balancing Strategies for Structured Computational Mechanics Codes

J. N. Rodrigues, S. P. Johnson, C. Walshaw and M. Cross


This paper presents a new dynamic load balancing technique for structured mesh computational mechanics codes in which the processor partition range limits of just one of the partitioned dimensions uses non-coincidental limits, as opposed to using coincidental limits in all of the partitioned dimensions. The partition range limits are `staggered', allowing a greater flexibility in obtaining a balanced load distribution in comparison to when the limits are changed `globally', as the load increase/decrease on one processor no longer restricts the load decrease/increase on a neighbouring processor. The automatic implementation of this `staggered' load balancing strategy within an existing parallel code is presented in this paper, along with some preliminary results.

Fri Aug 13 13:42:25 BST 2004