Load Balancing for Aspect Ratio in Adaptive Finite Element Simulation

F. Schlimbach, M. Cross, C. Walshaw and R. Diekmann


In parallel adaptive finite element simulations the work load on the individual processors may change frequently. To (re)distribute the load evenly over the processors a load balancing heuristic is needed. Common strategies try to minimise subdomain dependencies by optimising the cutsize of the partitioning. However for certain solvers cutsize only plays a minor role, and their convergence is highly dependent on the subdomain shapes. Degenerated subdomain shapes cause them to need significantly more iterations to converge. In this work a new parallel load balancing strategy is introduced which directly addresses the problem of generating and conserving reasonably good subdomain shapes in a dynamically changing Finite Element Simulation. Geometric data is used to formulate several cost functions to rate elements in terms of their suitability to be migrated. The well known diffusive method which calculates the necessary load flow is enhanced by weighting the subdomain edges with the help of these cost functions. The proposed methods have been tested and results are presented.

Fri Aug 13 13:42:03 BST 2004