The Duellists - review from TRAD magazine

by Véro Sautivet (mis)translated by Chris Walshaw
The hurdy-gurdy playing of Nigel Eaton is still as shining, but now with added maturity. It makes you think he's stopped racing with himself. With the same magnificent relaxation of his wrist action, his phrasing is an example of mastery and restrained wildness. The result is true music. Cliff Stapleton (ex-Blowzabella), also on the hurdy-gurdy, like Nigel composes some superb tunes - "Doyenne", "Bluesaussis" and "Biscuit Shuffle". The choice of modes is intelligent. Finally with or without the help of Chris Walshaw's 20 inches (made by S. Durin) this disc of "English Hurdy-Gurdy Music" has, all the same, something very French about it which is very amusing. The music is English because of the nationality of its composers. A word on the quality of production - it's painstaking and done with excellent taste - extremely respectful of the timbres of the instruments. It is signed Nigel Eaton.