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'... a stunning night full of variety, humour and joy. Singing, music and dancing performed with exuberance and love of the tradition. JigJaw is much more than the sum of its parts.'

Jenny Scott, Bacca Pipes Folk Club Keighley, Yorkshire


JigJaw is Janet Russell, Rosie Davis, Kerry Fletcher and Frances Watt.

JigJaw combines the percussion and passion of dance traditions with vocal harmonies in a tight, scintillating quartet of singing and dancing talents! Whenever people have got together to entertain one another there have been occasions when nobody played or could afford instruments, or certain instruments were banned; the Devil was often involved! People did not always sit around doing crosswords; they sang for the dancing and they danced for the singing and that's what JigJaw does.

Singing for dancing traditions, found practically everywhere in the world, are a true expression of social cohesion, happiness, and the fun people can create for one another out of nothing.

JigJaw is about rekindling the links between dancers and singers, songs and dances, and performers and audiences. We draw on European couple dances, mouth music, nonsense rhyme and songs, percussive steps, and rhythmic vocables from Britain and beyond.