Chris Walshaw

Chris Walshaw

Teaching courses in computing and informatics at the University of Greenwich on its magnificent Maritime Greenwich Campus at the Old Royal Naval College.

Heavily involved with GWizards, a community-facing organisation based at the University which helps local charities and SMEs with IT projects, such as websites, mobile apps and other software development, and utilises the talents of our bright, innovative students whilst giving them real-world experience.

Working with Transforming Systems via PhD students and a recently completed 3-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to build a software application which predicts pressure in public health systems. The KTP was awarded the grade of "outstanding" by independent assessors at Innovate UK.

Lead academic on a further KTP with Sainsburys Argos to build an optimal assortment, multi-echelon inventory plan which adjusts for store space and stock budget constraints.

Reader in Informatics. Long-time investigator in multilevel refinement for combinatorial optimisation problems and large scale force-directed graph drawing/visualisation. Developer of NetWorks - mathematical optimisation software for mobile and cellular networks - and JOSTLE - parallel graph partitioning software. Currently mainly focussed on research in symbolic music analysis, music information retrieval and, in particular, melodic search & classification algorithms.

Plays pipes, flute, saxophone & whistles in a number of bands & projects - has appeared at festival & clubs in Europe and across Britain, at various venues including St Chartier Festival, France; TFF Rudolstadt, Germany; St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square; and the Purcell Room, South Bank Centre, London.

Appears as a bagpiper in the 2017 feature film Tulip Fever, set in 17th century Amsterdam.

Has made 13 CDs and his music occasionally appears on BBC Radio 2, 3 & 4.

Abc notation
Inventor of abc music notation, used all over the world and, according to, "perhaps the most common music notation format on the internet".
In 2013 the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library opted to use abc notation to transcribe the music in the newly launched Full English archive, "the world's biggest free digital archive of English traditional folk music and dance tunes". A team of volunteers is working on the transcriptions and Chris is collaborating with this project to provide software which manages and converts the abc transcriptions to score and sound files.

In both a personal and professional capacity, webmaster at a number of sites:
  • - since 1995, ~600,000 pages, technologies: Java servlets, html/css/bootstrap, SQL, php, javascript
  • School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences, University of Greenwich - webmaster 2004-2011, ~600 pages, technologies: asp, html/css, javascript
  • a variety of microsites (mostly html/css)