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Chris Walshaw :: Music

Chris with soprano sax
... on the soprano

Chris Walshaw plays English & French bagpipes, saxophone, flute and whistles in a number of bands and projects.

He has perfomed at festivals & clubs in Europe and across Britain including at venues as diverse as St Chartier Festival, France; Rudolstadt Tanz & Folk Fest, Germany; Stallet, Stockholm; St Martin-in-the Fields, Trafalgar Square, London; the Purcell Room, South Bank Centre, London; and Liverpool Cathedral.

He also appears as a bagpiper in the 2017 feature film Tulip Fever, set in 17th century Amsterdam.

With his bands, he has made 13 CDs and his music occasionally appears on BBC Radio 2, 3 & 4.

Chris is also responsible for abc music notation, now used all over the world, primarily to notate folk & traditional tunes, but also in academic research and as a text based resource for visually-impaired musicians. The abc website lists around 800,000 tunes from 160 websites and has around 300,000 visitors a year.

Happy 10th birthday Folk Dance Remixed!
(a wonderful lockdown video with a small bagpipe contribution from Chris)

MoltenAmba at Towersey Festival, 2017

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Current projects

Chris at Towersey
On stage at Towersey
photo: Daisy Mercedes Jones
Climax Ceilidh Band: orgasmic music for ceilidhs and dances
Five Play, Climax's latest CD, is still available
Come Dancing, Climax's debut CD, is still available
Oscina: weaving tantalising tunes and spellbinding songs for concerts, balfolk & Euro-dances.
Zephyrus: - The English Bagpipe Orchestra - Jon Swayne's ensemble performing exquisite drone-based harmony
English Suite, the second of Zephyrus' paired CD release, is still available
Halfe Hannikin, the first of Zephyrus' paired CD release, is still available

A list of forthcoming gigs for these bands can be found on the Gig list

To book one of these bands contact Chris by .

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Past projects

Chris with tenor sax
... on the tenor

Some projects are no longer active:

MoltenAmba: instrumental pyrotechnics ... folk, blues, and all that jazz
Slide to the Side, MoltenAmba's latest CD, is still available
Extended Play, MoltenAmba's debut CD, is still available
Meridian: ... raw folk energy, laced with finesse ...
Second, Meridian's latest CD, is still available
Prime, Meridian's debut CD, is still available
Angles: European couple dance music with a twist
Tangents, Angles' latest CD, is still available
Angles' debut CD is still available

The Chase: a sensual swirl of new music and dance spun from the tangled threads of European traditions.

Cornemusiques: Jean-Pierre Rasle's one man bagpipe extravaganza expanded for occasional special performances.

The Duellists: with hurdy-gurdy players Nigel Eaton and Cliff Stapleton.
The Duellists' CD, English Hurdy-Gurdy Music, is still available.

Stepback: an extravaganza of English and American Traditional Dance interpreted for theatre performances.

Stocai: eclectic English ceilidh music ... direct to your feet
Stocai's latest CD, After the Brawl, is still available
Stocai's debut CD, Champagne Brawl, is still available

Stepback at Chequermead Arts Centre, East Grinstead, 2002

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photo of Chris
In the recording studio
photo: Chris Mitchell

Guest appearances:

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