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photo of Stocai
Photo: Kerry Fletcher

Stocai are (left to right):-

  • Adam Bushell - percussion
  • Heather Horsley - keyboards / flute / whistle
  • Chris Walshaw - pipes / flute / whistle
  • Sheena Masson - concertina / bassoon / flute
  • Kevin Adams - fiddle / mandolin / mandola
  • Dave Jolly - melodeon / concertina

eclectic English ceilidh music
... direct to your feet

A strong theme running through Stocai's music is the amount of newly written material. As well as borrowing tunes from well known musicians such as Cliff Stapleton and John Kirkpatrick, all of the band write tunes and so the problem has been what to leave out. Apart from that, the band's influences are eclectic and diverse; you will hear also French, Irish, Quebecois, Scandinavian and good old English tunes, all moulded into a style of Stocai's own.

Such is the range of instruments at the band's fingertips that the sound can vary from delicate woodwind tracery through to the full broadside (the acoustic equivalent of Spinal Tap's 'eleven').

And the name? It is taken from the tune title 'Polka Sean Stocai' from The Late Night Band, so best ask them!

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