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After the Brawl

Stocai released their second CD, After the Brawl, in 2003 on Harbourtown Records (HARCD 042). Building on their previous work and with much more self-penned material, it contains a fabulous collection of foot tappers with some amazing aural effects (where else can you hear triple tracked bassoon and zipper percussion).

After the Brawl is now available, either digitally or as a CD, from BandCamp.

Reviews for After the Brawl

"never a dull moment ... uniformly excellent"
Alan McIntosh Brown - Living Tradition Magazine

"joyful ... a delightful album to just sit and listen to"
Theo - Unicorn Magazine

Champagne Brawl

The debut CD, Champagne Brawl, was released on Harbourtown Records (HARCD 033). Produced by Ralph Jordan (who also added some tasty bass lines) and Stocai, the CD contains a collection of English tunes, old and new, from all over the world, played in the inimitable Stocai style.

Champagne Brawl is available, either digitally or as a CD, from BandCamp.

Reviews for Champagne Brawl

"This is the debut album of Stocai but the six members with a long pedigree of playing with other top dance bands ...

"They give a lot of thought to varying the tone colour throughout their arrangements to maintain the listener's interest. The sets are carefully put together and in particular the way 'Boodell' goes into 'Lambert' is a delight.

"All six are first rate musicians and particular mention should be made of the piping of Chris Walshaw and the melodeon of Dave Jolly.

"... fine listening ... "
Vic Smith - fRoots Magazine

"... sophisticated and varied arrangements ... gently funky moments ... a highly enjoyable recording."
William Marshall - Bagpipe Society Newsletter

"And there's some really good bassoon playing"
Chris Mills - Shire Folk

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