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The Chase brings together a collection of talented dancers and musicians who aim to explore the boundaries and express the vitality of their evolving traditions.

The concert presents a dynamic performance of dance, music and song, from the enigmatic Polska to the tantalising Bourree; the whirling Waltz to the scintillating Schottische. The dances are newly choreographed by the company, based on the social dance traditions of Europe. Of the music and songs, some are traditional, some have been composed alongside the dances.

In The Chase the dancers play and the musicians dance!

With the depth of knowledge of various traditions, the dancing of Kerry Fletcher, Fi Fraser, Jo Freya, Anna Pack, Karen Tweed, Chris Walshaw and Frances Watt is combined with an exciting range of instrumental arrangements including bagpipes from Chris, flute from Frances and saxophones & fiddle from Jo & Fi.

The Chase present a varied performance of dance & music up to a full show of two 45 minute sets. The performance is suitable for Festivals, Arts Centres, Theatres and Village Halls. We require an uncarpeted (preferably wooden) smooth floor with an area no smaller than 30'x20'. A stage is not necessary as The Chase's intimate performance style is well suited to performing in the round and on the same level as the audience. In addition, where appropriate, we like to include an element of audience participation. The Chase consists of a pool of dancers & musicians and each performance will comprise between 5 to 7 members of the company.

The Chase offers a wide range of dance & music workshops for all levels & abilities; from European Social dance to the enigmatic Polska; European dance rhythms for musicians to solo bagpipes. Please contact Kerry to discuss your requirements.

The Chase is no longer performing - this page remains available as an archive only and is not maintained.