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Kerry Fletcher
Kerry Fletcher is a traditional step dancer with vast experience in many other forms of performance dance including Appalachian clog with Broken Ankles and morris. She has also studied ballet, contemporary dance and choreography and recently led a research project, Shaking the Tradition, at Chisenhale Dance Space exploring contemporary ways of presenting traditional dance and song.

Fi Fraser
Fi is an established figure on the Folk scene and is well known for her work with the Old Swan Band and Token Women as an excellent fiddle player. With her sister, Jo Freya, she forms the core of The Fraser Sisters whose latest CD was recently nominated as 'Folk CD of the month' in MOJO magazine.

Jo Freya
Jo is an excellent teacher of dance with a full repertoire of traditional dances from Britain, France and the rest of Europe. She is an experienced and long established multi-instrumentalist and singer on the Folk Scene. Her work is known through Scarp, Blowzabella, The Fraser Sisters, Tanteeka and many other projects including Freya, the all women music collaboration from across Europe.

Anna Pack
Anna has a wide range of dance experience ranging from traditional European dance forms to early dance, modern jive, lindy hop and salsa and has danced at many festivals in Britain and on the continent. Her skills include teaching at dance workshops and she also performs as a musician in an early music group.

Karen Tweed
Karen Tweed is one of the finest exponents of the piano accordion. Moving with apparent ease between blistering melody lines and soulful backing, her work with the Kathryn Tickell Band, The Poozies, Ian Carr and the Swedish-English collaboration Swap, has been a display of both her versatility and virtuosity. In a new departure, The Chase gives her the opportunity to express her verve and enthusiasm for traditional dance.

Chris Walshaw
Chris Walshaw plays pipes, flute and whistles and has danced since childhood. Both his music and dancing skills sweep widely across Europe including English country dance, French and Swedish couple dances and Irish set dancing. Currently he plays with Meridian, Zephyrus (the English Bagpipe Orchestra) and Stocai. He also performs in Stepback, the percussive & display dance extravaganza and recently worked with Kerry in Shaking the Tradition.

Frances Watt
Frances Watt fell in love with French music & dance many moons ago, and then stumbled on the Swedish traditions amongst others, and fell in love with them too. She sings, plays flute & dances and set up French music & dance clubs in Norwich and Leeds. Frances also runs a variety of voice workshops for community groups, and sings for dancing.

The Chase is no longer performing - this page remains available as an archive only and is not maintained.