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NetWorks Benefits

Maintaining an up-to-date, optimised plan of mobile phone network resources is vital to the efficient working of the network. Overloaded PCUs and/or BSCs can result in lack of coverage, whilst a poorly optimised mapping of BTSs can result in dropped calls as customers move from one PCU/BSC region to another.

Using FocusWare NetWorks to optimise and plan your mobile phone network can give many potential benefits. Examples include:

  • Use existing resources efficiently
    The need to upgrade hardware or even increase network capacity can be significantly reduced.
  • Manage the introduction of new resources
    When it becomes obvious that the system requires more capacity, it's possible to use projections of network load to assess whether new hardware is sufficient and where it can be best applied.
  • React rapidly to changing network demand
    NetWorks is very fast and, for example, a new BTS to PCU mapping can be calculated and deployed within a matter of minutes, meaning that your network plan can be updated on a daily, or even hourly, basis, according to the current state of network demand.
  • Gain a competitive edge
    Since mathematical optimisation software of this nature is not yet in widespread use by mobile network operators, FocusWare NetWorks can potentially help you to gain significant market advantage over your competitors.

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