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Together the musicians draw on experience in a multitude of bands on the English folk circuit including Blowzabella, The Eel Grinders, Meridian, Misericordia, Moebius, Red Dog Green Dog, Saxophony and The Wendigo.

Left to right: Lawrence, Annie, Terry, Jon, Chris, Mike, David
photo: Toby Farrows

DavidDavid Faulkner has been playing pipes for over 25 years with groups such as the Eel Grinders and Moebius. He has toured Europe and America, and has made various recordings including the English and Border Music for Pipes CD with accordionist Steve Turner. David is a full-time community musician with Devon-based Wren Music, and is lead music worker on a music partnership project funded by DCFS. He has created 18 music ensembles for children across Devon, runs two Folk Orchestras and has recently published a tune book called the Rough Music Tune Book featuring music from East Devon and beyond. David organises an annual bagpipe weekend and teaches pipes.
TerryTerry Mann is a multi-instrumentalist (playing percussion for Zephyrus) and an award-winning composer. His music is published by Oxford University Press and the British Music Information Centre.
LawrenceLawrence Morgan-Anstee came to folk music via early music playing recorder and crumhorn in a trio called Grimspound. He picked up Old English Bagpipes after realising their potential as a busking instrument and switched to Jon Swayne's pipes because of their tone and reliability. He later became interested in French & continental music and has spent time busking around various parts of Europe and at festivals. He was a founder member of the Eel Grinders and has a great deal of experience playing for dancing & concerts. He is also a member of the storytelling group Raven Tales.
Anne-MarieAnne-Marie Summers began playing professionally in 1993, when she formed medieval music duo Misericordia with Steve Tyler. Her live and recorded work explores multiple aspects of Early and Traditional Music: The Wendigo (new compositions in the French style); Magpiety (English traditional song); Squeake’s Noyse (historical songs and tunes); Gaita (medieval music); Far Black Furlong (dark-wave folk improvisation); Mandrake! (Medieval Carnival Band); and her new medieval trio Fleur de Lys. Not only an award-winning bagpiper, Anne-Marie also plays a variety of wind and string instruments and is an accomplished singer. Her most recent guest appearance was on a recording of Welsh folk artists commissioned by the Smithsonian Institute.
JonJon Swayne performed semi-professionally in orchestras, bands and chamber groups in the south-west before enrolling on a full-time instrument making course. During his studies he was introduced to folk music, and helped to found the highly influential British folk group Blowzabella. He formed the polyphonic bagpipe trio Moebius in 1992, and the seven-piece Zephyrus in 1998. He also plays pipes with accordionist Becky Price. In 1981 he set up his workshop in Somerset, where, in 1986, he began to introduce the first of his family of Border style bagpipes, the instrument which Zephyrus use. He is President of the Bagpipe Society.
ChrisChris Walshaw who plays pipes, flute and whistles, has been involved in folk music since the age of six. Perhaps best known for his work in The Duellists, Chris has a long history of playing dance music and currently works with the Climax Ceilidh Band and Stocai. He also is a member of Meridian, playing concerts in venues as diverse as St Martins-in-the-Fields and the South Bank Centre. In the past he has performed in a number of stage shows including Jean-Pierre Rasle’s Cornemusiques, both on Radio 3 and at the Purcell Room, and the percussive dance extravaganza Stepback.
MikeMike York is a multi-instrumentalist specialising in wind instruments from Europe and the near east: English, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish and Swedish bagpipes; duduk; flutes and whistles. Between 2002 and 2005 he worked with COIL playing pipes, bombarde, duduk and balalaika; and featured on four albums and numerous live shows across Europe. More recently he has been working in the studio with Cyclobe recording material for their forthcoming release. Throughout his piping career he has played regularly for French dancing with Red Dog Green Dog, and hurdy gurdy player Cliff Stapleton. Mike has been making pipes with Jon Swayne since 1999.

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